2018 was a very busy year for Enrich. As we move into 2019, we thought we’d take the opportunity to look back on the year that was.

Demystifying the HALT submission process

We demystified the process of how to develop a quality submission to become accredited as a Highly Accomplished or Lead Teacher at 12 workshops during semester 1, which were attended by 128 aspiring teachers. “The evaluations showed that 85% of participants strongly agreed and 15% agreed they left with a much clearer understanding of the process.”

If you are interested in attending or even hosting one of our Becoming accredited at Highly Accomplished or Lead Teacher workshops in 2019, register your interest here.

Supporting teachers to accreditation

Enrich was ecstatic to find out that many teachers who have attended our workshops or gained feedback on their submission had successfully gained accreditation at Highly Accomplished or Lead Teacher in 2018. We know of 8 in the below picture.

“I was recently accredited as Highly Accomplished Teacher by NESA. Nadene Kennedy assisted me through this process by sharing practical ideas on aspects such as: collection and annotation of documentary evidence. It was valuable to be mentored by someone who had first-hand experience of accreditation at this level. If you would like to be supported by someone with a calm, caring and professional attitude, I strongly recommend that you contact Nadene Kennedy.”

Manitha Badasie
Literacy Coordinator
Trinity Catholic College

“Nadene played a significant role in my successful application to become a Lead Teacher. She has a high level of expertise and a depth of experience that makes her a valuable resource for anyone who is embracing this journey. Nadene provided insightful and accurate feedback on three sets of evidence and gave suggestions for areas of improvement. I used her feedback to improve the overall quality of my documentation prior to submission. I would thoroughly recommend Nadene’s support to anyone who is applying for Highly Accomplished to Lead Teacher.”

Lisa Weingarth
Leader of Curriculum Primary
Emmanuel Anglican College

Supporting schools around Australia

Enrich had the privilege of working in 56 schools this year, providing a range of support services including:

  • developing a quality School Improvement Plan with clear targets based on evidence of teacher practice
  • creating a rigorous annual professional learning plan centred around opportunities to achieve the School Improvement Plan targets
  • writing applications to have professional learning hours registered with NESA
  • supporting teachers to write SMART performance and development goals.

You can read more about this in our Achieving your school plan as a collective blog.

“Nadene’s input was extremely valuable. She was able to quickly understand our setting and evaluate our needs. She provided us with a deeper understanding of the goals that our school should be drawing out and narrowed our focus to a more manageable SIP.”

Gerry Vandermaat
Our Lady of Victories, Shortland

Assisting leadership teams with strategic school planning

We were invited by the Assistant Director, Catholic Schools Office Maitland Newcastle Diocese, to present at both the Semester 1 and 2 Regional Executive Meetings which are attended by all School Leadership Teams across the Diocese. Evaluations indicated that both presentations included practical advice that would enable a more strategic approach to school planning and enhance teacher knowledge and practice, resulting in improved student outcomes. This then led to an invitation from the Assistant Director, Catholic Schools Office Wagga Wagga Diocese, to present at their Principal and Leadership Team Day which was also well evaluated.

Continued partnerships with key networks

Enrich continued our ongoing relationship with a number of networks including the DoE Albury HALT Network, the DoE Lower North Shore Network and the Leaders of Pedagogy in the Catholic Schools Armidale Diocese. It is fabulous to see these inspiring groups of teachers working collaboratively on their higher levels submissions.

“Thank you for coming to Albury and supporting our network. Everyone left positive and with a clearer understanding.”

Karen Klironomakis
Deputy Principal
Wewak Street School

“Nadene has been instrumental in helping us navigate the Higher Accreditation process at a network level. She has provided high level professional support across five local area schools, unpacking the process for staff every step of the way. Our teachers and school executives have benefited from her knowledge and strategic approach to this often complex process.”

Elli Criddle
HT Teaching and Learning
North Sydney Girls High School

“Thank you for the time that you spent with me the other week in Armidale clarifying the difference between HA and Lead. I feel so much better now knowing I have clarity in my direction.”

Claire Ryan
Infant’s Coordinator and Leader of Pedagogy
St Edward’s Primary School
South Tamworth

Supported new PDHPE syllabus implementation and launched online learning platform

During 2018, Enrich partnered with the Department of Education’s Secondary Education team (NSW PDHPE Curriculum) to provide high quality professional learning and support for school based implementation of the NSW PDHPE K-10 syllabus. Read more here. The identical online modules are available to teachers across all sectors.

This led to us including online support for teachers via the eCoach learning management system. We look forward to expanding the range of online courses in 2019 to ensure all teachers have access irrespective of where they are located.

Developed a valuable new resource

Enrich has been working very hard this year on an amazing resource that will assist all educators when:

  • Developing and Annual School Plan
  • Creating a Whole School Professional Learning Plan
  • Devising Personal Performance and Development Goals
  • Pursuing or Maintaining any level of Teacher Accreditation
  • Preparing for School Review Processes

We’ve given a few groups of teachers a “sneak peek” and they are all eagerly waiting for the release in 2019. Click here if you’d like to be on our waiting list for the launch email.

We look forward to another fantastic year of working with all educators in 2019.

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