As the founder of Education Accreditation, I know teaching can be such an optimistic, rewarding and energising career path. As such, my sole focus is on giving teachers, schools and their leadership the tools and skills to create an ongoing culture of sharing, learning and growth. Whilst Teacher Accreditation is an important and fulfilling journey, positive teaching culture is about much more. It is about nurturing a culture of learning and growth for Teachers, Schools, Leadership Teams and their Students alike.

That is why I feel Education Accreditation has evolved over time to offer a more comprehensive range of services to support the growth and development of both Teachers and Schools. These services still include support through Teacher Accreditation at Proficient, Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher levels, however they now extend beyond that. Through first-hand insight, generosity of knowledge, passion and optimism, I continue to be committed to recognising the importance of teaching and rewarding teaching excellence.

Enrich: Supporting Teachers and Schools

Education Accreditation has now become Enrich. The support services offered by Enrich create a robust framework for teachers and schools to create best practice growth and development processes. From working with schools to put in place effective school planning, supporting teaching staff to set and fulfil their development goals to supporting teachers through the accreditation process as all levels, Enrich brings together all aspects and stakeholders to achieve a culture of positivity and learning.

Proficient Teacher and Higher Levels Accreditation

From Preparing for Proficient Teacher accreditation, a prerequisite for all teachers from 2018, to guiding teaching professionals through both Highly Accomplished Teacher and Lead Teacher accreditation, the Enrich Accreditation Support Programme is based on a series of workshops and one-to-one guidance at key points in the journey. Enrich can also work with your Executive to demonstrate and plan how the process of accreditation at higher levels can assist in achieving school plans and targets.

Nadene Kennedy: A Bit About Me

Previously Education Accreditation, I founded Enrich following my experiences as a classroom teacher, Head Teacher and Deputy Principal and through my own journey to achieving NESA Lead Teacher accreditation in 2012. As an experienced educator for over 18 years, I understand first-hand the challenges facing teachers and school leaders across all schools in Australia and feel passionate about supporting continuous improvement.

Through one-on-one coaching and mentoring, in-school planning sessions and independent workshops, I work closely with schools across NSW to support them to put in place effective school planning and actionable steps to identify and achieve professional development goals. Through a series of workshops, I work with teachers either considering or working towards a NESA Accreditation level to help them engage with the process and requirements, and complete a thorough, well-rounded submission.

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