Building the capacity of Leadership Teams using the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers

Are you looking for someone to present at your next Executive Conference or planning day?

Would you like to build the capacity of all your Middle Leaders to result in more consistent teaching practices across your school?

We can come to your school or off-site venue to deliver one or a combination of our NESA registered presentations. We can also customise presentations to suit your needs. More details are provided below or in the attached brochure.

Option 1 – Aligning Leadership Roles to the Lead and Highly Accomplished standard descriptors (2 hours) – $1500

This introductory presentation demonstrates the necessary alignment of Middle Leader positions to the Highly Accomplished standard descriptors, and Senior Leader positions to the Lead Teacher standard descriptors. The role and essential responsibility of all school leaders in developing the knowledge, practice and engagement of their Proficient colleagues will be unpacked. A strategic approach to aligning the School Plan, Professional Learning Plan and Performance and Development Goals will be modelled.
Note this presentation is not about gaining accreditation rather using the standard descriptors to achieve school goals and improve student outcomes.


Option 2 – Exploration of the Core Teaching Responsibilities and application to the school context (3 hours) – $2000

Participants will explore a wide range of Core Teaching Responsibilities which have been mapped to the Lead, Highly Accomplished and Proficient Teacher standard descriptors. These encapsulate the knowledge and actions required of teachers to maximise each student’s learning outcomes while supporting their wellbeing. They will collaborate with colleagues to discuss and develop a set of agreed exemplar practices for each area, having the opportunity to unpack and contextualise the Core Teaching Responsibilities relevant to the needs of the school, colleagues, students and own professional learning requirements. They will develop an understanding of the processes they are required to action and implement to impact the knowledge, practice and engagement of their colleagues. This will result in the establishment of consistent practices that can be evidenced by all teachers.

Note: Choose option 1 and 2 to be delivered in one day (5 hours) and receive both for a discounted rate of $2500


Option 3 – Preparation for accreditation at Highly Accomplished Teacher with NESA (5 hours) – $2500

Participants who wish to actively pursue accreditation at Highly Accomplished Teacher with NESA will construct an explicit timeline, including actions and evidence to collect for each of the Core Teaching Responsibilities. A model and scaffold for writing a quality annotation will be shared, along with advice regarding collecting and collating evidence.


Option 4 – Ongoing support via email for those pursuing Highly Accomplished Teacher


For a full list of fees, please download the brochure.


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