Review and feedback on sample annotations and accompanying sets of evidence

Want to know you’re on the right track with your annotations and evidence?

We can review and provide feedback on a sample of your annotations and evidence sets to ensure that you are approaching your submission the correct way.

We’ll ask you questions about your annotations and double check that you have included both evidence of process, and most importantly evidence of impact in your documentation.

Once you have our feedback on your sample, you can apply our recommendations to the remainder of your submission.

Part of our feedback service includes a phone or Zoom consultation, which can be taken in one 60 minute session or 2 x 30 minute sessions.

Phase 1 – Email us three annotations and accompanying evidence sets

Email us three samples as you intend to submit, satisfying the following criteria:

  • Each annotation must be saved in a word/google doc, be within the word limit and be aligned to no more than four standard descriptors (with the exception if you are applying for Lead Teacher and would like to have your Lead Initiative reviewed)
  • The accompanying evidence set for each annotation must be saved in one PDF and be no larger than 5MB
  • It is suggested you strategically select three different annotations and evidence sets which demonstrate how you have had an impact on your colleague’s knowledge, practice and engagement in a range of contexts.
Phase 2 – Feedback and suggestions

We will review each annotation and evidence set and provide feedback using the comment and track changes/suggesting functions. This will include questions surrounding:

  • Your role in the process and evidence you have to prove it
  • How you have built the capacity of your colleagues which will result in sustained change
  • Evidence of impact on your colleagues’ knowledge, practice and engagement
  • Evidence of impact on student outcomes and/or wellbeing.
Phase 3 – Apply feedback and suggestions

Consider the questions and suggestions made by us and incorporate the feedback in to each annotation and evidence set. Send the revised version through to us for one final check.

Phase 4 – Final review

We will conduct a final review after you have incorporated the feedback and suggestions.

Cost: $200 plus GST


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